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Welcome To Brentwood Hearing Center

Better Hearing. Better Life.

From the same location of over thirty years just north of Brentwood near Interstate 65, our audiology practice provides hearing care to patients ranging from birth to the aging population.   As an independent practice, we represent several leading hearing device manufacturers.  Our Doctors of Audiology work with each patient to arrive at a tailored solution to your individual hearing needs.  There is no “one-solution-fits-all” that works given that the underlying reasons for hearing loss is different for every person.  If you, a friend or family member finds it difficult to hear and understand at family gatherings, in an office setting, out at dinner where there is background noise or may be escalating the volume of the television, we’d be pleased to schedule an appointment to help you or them begin their journey to better hearing.



Hear What Patients Are Saying

“I keep trying to come up with the exact words to convey my overwhelming thanks for my hearing aids. No words are adequate!
I didn’t realize how much I was struggling to hear. What a difference they have made in my life!”

-Kaye K.


We Provide Service With Quality And Care!

Our goal is to provide professional, compassionate audiological services to the hearing-impaired and their families. To offer the most current advances in hearing aid technologies. To promote hearing health care among our patients and in our community. To offer personalized care by a staff recognized for providing high-quality healthcare.

Hearing aid fitting with a 30 day trial period



Diagnostic Evaluations

Comprehensive testing that will detail the type and severity of your hearing loss.


Live Speech Mapping

We will fit and program your hearing aid devices to suit your individual needs.

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Hearing Aids

A great selection of hearing products and accessories that fit your lifestyle.


Cell Phone And Television Accessories

Add-on devices and accessories that are compatible with your hearing aids and television.


Better Hearing. Better Life.

Our goal is to always recommend the most appropriate hearing aid solution for your specific hearing loss, lifestyle, style preference and budget. We regularly work with several different hearing and manufacturers yet occasionally highlight new technologies that have benefitted many of our patients.

  • We carry major hearing aid brands to guarantee we have a style that fits your needs!

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Proudly serving Brentwood from the same location for more than 30 years.

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Brentwood Hearing Center

5544 Franklin Pike
Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37220


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