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GN ReSound Group

GN ReSound Group, a subsidiary of GN Great Nordic A/S, is a leading international manufacturer of advanced technology hearing instruments. The company offers a full range of hearing instruments under the GN ReSound, ReSound, Danavox, Beltone, Philips and Viennatone brand names, including software-based digital instruments and digitally programmable and traditional products in all sizes and models.

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When Hans Demant founded Oticon in 1904, he was driven by a profound desire to help his hard-of-hearing wife and others with similar problems lead a better life.

Inspired by this humanistic philosophy, his son and successor William Demant later created the charitable Oticon Foundation. Today the Oticon Foundation is the majority shareholder in Oticon and is committed through its statutes to support the needs of the hearing impaired. Thus, everything we do at Oticon originates from a desire to help people. This is reflected in our vision: To help people live the life they want with the hearing they have.

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Phonak is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of high-performance, high-quality hearing instruments. At Phonak, we are working on a bold vision: To not simply improve hearing, but to improve communication as well. Our aim is to correct impairments in hearing, the most complex of all human senses, to a degree that we are able to simulate the performance of a healthy ear.

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Widex is one of the world’s leading producers of digital hearing aids for people with a hearing loss. 1,300 employees worldwide have successfully brought Widex to the top within this field.

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We work with a variety of hearing aids. Most of our patients are fit with sophisticated digital technology which provide the most flexibility to fit the needs of each individual. Each manufacturer provides several options, with regard to the size of hearing aid and the level of technology. It can be very confusing to a consumer as these choices are considered. Not every option is appropriate for every ear and/or every hearing loss. Viewing these web sites will give you insight into the manufacterers that we use most often. You will be informed about the technology and will also learn that these companies are dedicated to ongoing research. Your audiologist will make recommendations to help narrow the numerous choices and will guide you in making an informed decision, a decision which will help you to reach your goal of better hearing!