There are several different types of hearing loss one can have, and each of these types can have different causes behind them. For instance, sensorineural hearing loss can occur as a result of exposure to excessively loud noises (such as listening to music at high volumes). However, the most common cause of hearing loss is aging. When it comes to hearing, genetics play a pivotal part in determining if a person will suffer from hearing loss or not. While the rate at which hearing loss might occur can vary, it is a known fact that hearing loss is a gradual process and only worsens with time.

The slow onset of hearing loss can sometimes make people live with the condition without seeking treatment. Most people do not realize they have hearing issues until the symptoms of hearing loss have become too strong to ignore. Therefore, in order to avoid becoming a victim of hearing loss, preventive measures must be taken. But how do you know if you’re experiencing hearing loss? Here’s a guide on the top signs to look for which indicate that you are experiencing hearing loss.

1. You cannot hear people over the phone:

With network strength and call quality not always working properly, it is often difficult for people to know whether it is their phone or just their hearing that is to be blamed for the difficulty in keeping track of telephonic conversations. A simple trick to find out whether you are suffering from hearing loss is to check the in-call volume. If the volume has been set to the max and you still have trouble hearing the other person, it can mean that you are experiencing some degree of hearing loss.

2. You find it difficult to follow multiple conversations:

In many instances, having difficulty following multiple people talking can be blamed on our diminishing ability to process multiple signals. However, in other cases, the inability to follow a conversation over a dinner table with your family might mean that you are suffering from some degree of hearing loss.

3. The TV volume is too loud:

One of the clearest signs of hearing loss in the modern day is having the TV volume set too high. When the people around you suggest that you have the TV volume set too high, you might be suffering from some degree of hearing loss. While most people are quick to think that hearing loss is a problem that only the elderly suffer from, today, the younger generation suffers from hearing loss as well due to exposure to excessively loud music.

Hearing is one of the greatest blessings of life, so it is imperative that we strive to preserve this wonderful gift. If you feel that anyone around you is showing the signs mentioned above, you should immediately ask them to seek professional help. It must be noted that hearing loss can be treated if diagnosed early. The earlier a person is diagnosed, the earlier he or she can be treated.