Like other advancements in technology, hearing aid technology only continues to improve and impress wearers. There are more features than ever that modern hearing aids today have to offer.

Hearing aids have had a significant makeover and if you have or are experiencing hearing loss then it’s a topic you’ll want to know more about. Discover three high-tech features of modern hearing aids and the benefits of using them.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Let’s begin by diving deeper into all the benefits that hearing aids have to offer. If you have hearing loss then one solution is to invest in hearing aids, if your audiologist recommends this approach. There are several benefits to using hearing aids that can help improve your life and wellbeing.

For instance, you’ll be able to hear sounds that you couldn’t previously hear or pick up on. You’ll not only be able to hear speech more clearly over the phone but will notice that your interactions and communication with friends and family get better and easier. Over time, as you get used to wearing your hearing aids you’ll even notice that your ability to communicate in noisy environments such as large groups or while in restaurants improves immensely.

While they don’t restore normal hearing, hearing aids can work wonders when fitted and adjusted properly by an audiologist. Now that you understand more about the benefits of using them, learn some high-tech features of modern hearing aids that will wow and impress you.

Three High-Tech Features of Modern Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are making forward progress at a remarkable rate. They were once big and bulky and it was apparent when someone was wearing them. The following innovations are giving people a reason to talk about hearing aids and a desire to want to learn more about all the advantages they offer.

Smartphone Connectivity

One high-tech feature of modern hearing aids is that they have smartphone connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility. With this feature, you can now connect your hearing aids to your smartphone or any device that uses Bluetooth. It improves your quality of hearing and you can experience a better signal-to-noise ratio and eliminate any unwanted feedback or interference. You can also use apps to change the settings on your hearing aids using technology. Use apps to make adjustments to your hearing aids, contact your audiologist or monitor your battery life.

Smaller, Sleeker and More Discrete

You also can’t overlook the fact that hearing aids today are smaller, sleeker, and more discrete. The design of hearing aids has come a long way and is quite impressive. They are no longer as obvious or bulky to wear. When choosing your hearing aids, you’ll notice that nowadays most brands offer hearing aids that are in the ear, invisible in the canal, and completely in the canal. Many people still feel self-conscious about wearing hearing aids and these new designs can help make users feel more comfortable and confident. However, always make sure the hearing aids you choose are right for your particular amount of hearing loss. In addition to the better designs, hearing aids now come with rechargeable batteries as well.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Another high-tech feature of modern hearing aids is artificial intelligence. Your hearing aids can learn your preferences and keep these settings for the next time you use them or when you enter similar environments. Your audiologist can use this information to better customize and fit your hearing aids. Hearing aids can also track your brain activity through AI. Certain styles such as behind-the-ear (BTE) can not only provide better hearing quality but also track your overall health. For instance, it may help you become more conscious about balance issues or use sensors to track your number of falls.

The Importance of Checking Your Hearing

It’s important to get your hearing tested annually and stay on top of any hearing loss you may be experiencing. Making an appointment with an audiologist is a great time to address any questions or concerns you have. With a proactive approach, you can prevent hearing loss from getting worse and determine if hearing aids are right for you.

These are some of the top high-tech features of modern hearing aids to be aware of. Technology in this area continues to advance and new innovations are coming about daily. Always speak with an audiologist first if you believe you have hearing loss or need to decide on a style and type of hearing aid.

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