A hearing aid fitting is an appointment with your audiologist where they will ensure that your new hearing aids fit correctly and also provide any information you may need about how to operate them. This can include showing a wide range of features that are part of the working operations of the device. However, this is also your chance to ask questions and make sure you understand how your device works. So, what questions should you be asking during this appointment?

How do I clean my hearing aids?

There are a couple of reasons why you need to know how to clean your hearing aids. If your hearing aids get dirty due to the buildup of earwax on or around them, they may not work as effectively as they should. You may also find that if your hearing aids are dirty, they are easily damaged. As such, by keeping them clean, you can also keep the need for repairs to a minimum and avoid your hearing aids costing more than they should.

You will probably find your audiologist shows you how to clean your hearing aids. But, you might want a little more information, and you should get a full-on demonstration of how to clean them the right way before you leave.

When should I wear my hearing aids?

If you are completely fresh to using hearing aids, you may find that your audiologist does set up a schedule for times when you do need to wear the devices. This could include a set number of hours through the day. Or, you might be required to wear your hearing aids none stop for a number of days to get used to this new technology. You might find there is an adjustment period where you will be using the devices constantly without taking them off. That’s something to ask about at your hearing aid fitting.

Similarly, there may also be times when you should not wear your hearing aids. For instance, not all hearing aids are waterproof, and as such, they should be taken out before washing your hair or taking a shower. Keep in mind that hearing aids can be impacted by adverse conditions such as extreme heat. You might find that they are not suitable for taking in a sauna and should instead be left in your locker.

Are there different programs?

You might be purchasing hearing aids that come with different programs. Programs are settings for hearing aids that can be used in different environments. So, for instance, you might be at a music concert. Obviously, you will want a different setting for your hearing aid switched on compared to the one you use when you are at home.

As well as asking whether your hearing aid has different programs, make sure you understand how to switch them. Some are manual while others will switch automatically once they recognize the type of environment that you are in. Your audiologist can explain all this to you as long as you ask the question.