If you haven’t visited an audiologist recently, there is a reasonable chance you will benefit from booking an appointment soon. That is especially the case if you noticed hearing issues. Of course, some people get nervous in those situations, and so there are some questions below that you should ask your chosen audiologist before you climb into their chair. With a bit of luck, the answers to these questions will help to put your mind at ease and remove some of the anxiety involved. As with anything in this world, people tend to feel more comfortable when they understand and grasp the situation. You can also ask these questions over the phone before you arrive.

Do I need to prepare for the hearing test?

The last thing you want is to arrive at your audiologist’s office for an appointment only to discover you didn’t prepare adequately. While there aren’t any preparations you need to make in most instances, it’s always sensible to ask your audiologist about whether or not they would like you to do anything to get ready for the hearing tests. At most, the audiologist will recommend that you clean your ears carefully. If you do that, be sure to follow their advice and be careful if you use cotton buds because they can cause lots of damage.

Is the hearing test covered by my insurance?

Nobody wants to finish their hearing tests and then get an unexpected bill for thousands of dollars from their audiologist. So, make sure you talk to your chosen professional about whether or not your health insurance policy covers the hearing tests you require. In most situations, the answer is yes, but it’s still sensible to check. If you have any concerns or the audiologist can’t answer your question; you’ll need to call the insurance company as soon as possible and ask a member of their staff.

Are hearing tests invasive and do they hurt?

If you’re one of those people who often become nervous about medical appointments; you will probably benefit from knowing that hearing tests are not invasive, and they do not cause pain or discomfort. However, you aren’t going to take our word for something like that, and so it’s sensible to raise the issue with your audiologist before you begin the appointment. Hearing that you’re not going to feel any pain from the person performing the procedure should help you to control any anxiety you feel.

Follow the advice on this page and make sure you ask your audiologist the three questions listed above for the best outcomes. Nobody wants to feel nervous or scared when they visit an audiologist for a short appointment. That is especially the case if the procedure doesn’t cause pain or discomfort. So, make sure you take the time to raise any concerns you have and then allow the audiologist to set the record straight. When all’s said and done, people wouldn’t go for hearing tests if they hurt, and anyone with hearing loss will benefit from getting help as soon as possible. Good luck!