Your first hearing aid or pair of hearing aids can feel very strange. You may have become used to the hearing loss you have. It can take several years before someone is diagnosed with hearing loss and between having their hearing tested and getting hearing aids. You might be reluctant to wear your hearing aids if they feel odd, but the truth is that you will get used to them eventually. If you want to try to speed up the process and make sure that they feel comfortable, there are a few things that you can do.

1. Work with your audiologist

Your audiologist can help you adjust to your new hearing aids. They can offer advice on how to adjust them and how to care for them. Your audiologist will make sure that your hearing aids fit before you leave their office, and can answer any questions that you might have. If you feel like your hearing aids aren't comfortable enough, or they're causing you pain, raise the issue with your audiologist. Your hearing aids can be adjusted so that they fit you better. After you get your hearing aids, you should revisit your audiologist for a checkup. Before you see them next, write down any concerns that you might have so that you remember to ask about them.

2. Wear your hearing aids every day

Your hearing aids might not feel right at first, but you need to get used to them. Wearing them every day will help you to adjust. You don't have to wear them all day, but it's useful to try them out in different environments to see how they're working for you. Wear them at home while doing chores or while watching TV. Wear them in settings with lots of background noise or when you need to hear speech and conversation. By wearing your hearing aids regularly, you can learn to modify the volume of your voice and face the right direction when you're talking to people. You can always turn down the volume or take your hearing aids off if you're tired or overwhelmed.

3. Give yourself time

It's important that you don't rush the adjustment period for your hearing aids. You will slowly get used to them, but you need to allow yourself the time to do so. You might notice a lot of sounds more than you did before, including your own voice, chewing and even swallowing. As you start to wear your hearing aids more, your ears and your brain will adjust. It can be a little frustrating while you're waiting to get used to them, but eventually, you will barely notice them. They will become part of your daily life, and you will wear them and take care of them without really thinking about it. Just remember that if you need a break from them, you can.

You don't have to adjust to your new hearing aids straight away. Allow yourself some time to get used to them, but take some steps to help yourself adjust too.