Hearing aids help improve the quality of life for many people suffering from hearing loss. However, they’re possibly one of the least talked about and discussed devices in the medical world today. As a result, you’ll be amazed at how little people know about them.

There are plenty of questions circulating about hearing aids, with certain questions cropping up time and time again. Bearing that in mind, here are four of the most frequently asked questions about hearing aids:

Do hearing aids work?

Yes, one of the most asked questions is simply whether or not these devices work. More often than not, yes, they do work very well. The majority of hearing aid users report satisfactory results and are happy with their improved hearing. If you purchase your hearing aid through an audiologist after a proper hearing exam, then you’re almost guaranteed to see positive results. Most of the negative reactions are from people that buy hearing aids off the shelf, in which case they’re not buying devices that are programmed for their needs.

How long do hearing aids last?

The life expectancy of a hearing aid depends on various factors. If you look after yours and follow all the maintenance instructions, then it will work for at least five years. Fail to maintain yours, and it can last half that time, if not less. Your choice of manufacturer may also play a role, if you opt for a cheaply made hearing aid then don’t expect it to last as long as a more expensive one from a quality manufacturer.

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

The easiest way to determine if you need a hearing aid is by seeing an audiologist. They’ll put you through a hearing test in a soundproof room that will properly analyse your ears. By doing this test, they will identify the severity and cause of any hearing problems you might have. It could transpire that your poor hearing is caused by a buildup of wax in your ear canal, which can simply be removed, resulting in better hearing once more. In this scenario, getting a hearing test will save you buying a hearing aid when you don’t need one. Similarly, your audiologist can tell you what features to look for in a hearing aid if the test shows you need one.

Is there more than one type of hearing aid?

Yes, there are loads of different hearing aids made by many different companies. Likewise, many hearing aids include features designed to help amplify certain sounds in certain environments. You have hearing aids designed for people that need a little bit of extra noise amplification and ones made for those with profound hearing loss. The hearing aid you choose should depend on the health of your ears and your lifestyle. Don’t worry, this will be discussed during your hearing test with your audiologist.

Talk more with your audiologist about the best device for your needs. It’s helpful to learn as much about them as possible before you think about purchasing one.