When it comes to finding an audiologist you want to make sure that you are finding the right one for you. It can be a bit scary because there are quite a few out there, but here are four questions you will want to ask not only yourself, but the audiologist or clinic you are considering making an appointment with for your hearing health needs.

  1. What is the general information on your clinic? You will want to consider the clinic and its location, hours of operation and accessibility to and from you. If the location is too far away or the hours of operation do not fit into your schedule it may not be the right audiologist for you. You will also want to ask about accessibility. Is the practice in a high rise with lots of stairs and no elevator? Does it have easy parking? Do you have to pay for parking? Is there wheelchair accessibility? Ask about anything that may hinder your getting to your appointments on time.
  2. What are their credentials? It is important to ask the audiologist about their credentials to ensure that they are fully trained and qualified to take care of your hearing health needs. Also, check to see if they are certified to practice in your area. Are they a part of the local association that governs audiologist? Did they go to an accredited school? Ask any questions you feel are necessary to know, for you, that they are qualified to take care of your hearing and your ears.
  3. What are the costs? Costs are important to know prior to booking the appointment. You need and want to ensure you are fully prepared for any and all costs associated with your visits and your hearing aids; that is if you purchase hearing aids. Ask if there are costs associated with your general appointments and check-ups. Ask if there are any costs for your hearing test or any follow-up tests. Ask if there are any costs for hearing aid fittings or adjustments should you need them? Ask if there are any costs for canceled or late appointments? Also, check and see if they bill directly to your insurance company or if you will have to submit all of the documentation yourself. Being prepared for costs can save you a lot of time and money.
  4. Do I need a referral? It is important to note that some audiologists need a referral to see them either from another hearing health professional or from your family doctor. Audiologists are specialists, so this isn’t odd or abnormal. Not all audiologists will take on new patients all the time either; they are very busy and usually practice out of hospitals and deal with children. Some audiologists specialize in a specific area of their field so be sure to check this as well. If a referral is needed ask your family doctor or hearing health professional to refer you to more than one audiologist because the first one may not fit your needs.

It is important to do your research prior to selecting your audiologist. Asking these questions, as well as any other concerns you might have, will help you make the right decision when selecting an audiologist.