People can experience hearing problems at any age. Although it's common to start losing your hearing when you're older, anyone can start to struggle with hearing certain things. Getting a hearing test can help to confirm whether you need help with your hearing. Sometimes hearing problems could just be a result of wax buildup, but they can also mean you might require hearing aids. Hearing tests don't tend to be something that we do regularly, so paying attention to the signs that you might need one is important. Here are some of the indications that it might be time to see an audiologist.

You often ask people to repeat themselves

Having difficulty making conversation with someone or hearing what someone tells you is one indication that you might need a hearing test. Do you feel like you always have to ask people to repeat themselves or talk louder? It might be a sign that you're having hearing problems, especially if it happens with different people and in different environments. Being unable to hear people properly might also make you mishear things without realizing it. This can cause confusion and misunderstandings, and could even make you think that you're having problems with your memory.

You struggle to hear in loud places

Although you might not experience problems with your hearing at home or in most environments, noisy places can make it difficult. When there are lots of sounds around you, whether it's music or many people talking at once, picking out individual sounds is harder. You might find that when you're at a party or in a busy public place like a train station or airport, you struggle to hear someone talking to you or sounds like announcements. This could mean that it's time to get a hearing test.

You have to turn up the volume

We spend a lot of time watching TV and movies or listening to music, radio or podcasts. If you're having issues with your hearing, you might not realize that you're turning up the volume on your devices louder than you usually would. You start by increasing the volume by a small amount each time you use the device until it's much louder than usual. It might not be until someone else hears what you're listening to that you realize just how loud it is. If people keep telling you that you've turned up the volume too loud, see an audiologist for a hearing test.

There's a ringing in your ears

Ringing in your ears can be not only annoying but could also be an indication that your hearing is damaged. If you're experiencing ringing in your ears, first wait to see if it goes away. Loud noises, such as attending a concert, can cause your ears to ring, but only for a while. If it doesn't stop, it could be a warning sign that you're losing your hearing. Get your hearing tested to find out if there are any issues.

Don't ignore the signs that you might need a hearing test. The sooner you pick up on hearing loss, the better you can manage it.