Hearing aid repairs are essential for maintaining the health of your device. They can be carried out by any good hearing health professional, and you shouldn’t attempt them yourself! It’s crucial that you repair your hearing aids as soon as you notice any faults or problems. But, how do you know if you need hearing aid repairs or not?

Well, here are four signs that show you need to see your hearing care provider for professional repairs:

You can’t turn the hearing aids on

There are two reasons your hearing aid won’t turn on; it may have a dead/faulty battery, or there could be a more severe problem. So, if your device isn’t turning on despite the fact you replaced the battery, then you need hearing aid repairs. It’s one of the most obvious signs, so book an appointment with your hearing health professional right away. You need your hearing aids to turn on so you can actually use them, which is why you must act fast!

There’s a lot of feedback

Hearing aid feedback is basically when you experience a whistling sound in your ears while wearing the device. It’s normal to experience some feedback when you’re putting the hearing aid in, but you shouldn’t hear it all the time. If this is the case for you, then it’s a sign you need hearing aid repairs. Typically, increased feedback is the result of broken tubing, issues with the microphone or a poor fit. Regardless, you have to see a hearing health professional to figure out the underlying cause and fix it.

The sound quality is awful

When your hearing aids work correctly, they should present you with crystal clear sound. As such, if the sound suddenly feels distorted – or the volume has decreased – then it’s a sign there are some problems. Multiple things can cause sound issues, with most of them being technical. So, book an appointment with your hearing care provider if you notice the sound quality keeps deteriorating. You could try replacing the battery or cleaning your hearing aids before you call them, but if this changes nothing, then you definitely need hearing aid repairs.

The battery keeps dying quickly

If your hearing aid battery seems to last a day max, then this could be a problem. Especially if it used to last a few days, or even over a week. The chances are, this is a sign that your hearing aid has some type of battery problem. It could be connected to the battery chamber, which may become damaged if moisture gets inside it. So, if you notice the batteries keep dying quicker than they should, then book yourself in for hearing aid repairs. A hearing health professional could fix this, or they might recommend you upgrade to a newer model as your current one has just become so old that it’s breaking down.

We strongly advise that you keep an eye out for these four signs that you need hearing aid repairs. The quicker you get the repairs taken care of, the quicker you can continue using your hearing aids and enjoying the benefits. Remember, always contact a hearing health professional to carry out these repairs for you!