Hearing loss signs should never be ignored, no matter your age. Hearing loss can occur at any age. Although some people are born with hearing loss due to genetics, it can develop at any stage of life. 

Children can experience hearing loss due to medical conditions and illness as much as adults can. You should never ignore your child if they report hearing loss or you are concerned about their hearing health. Here are four signs that signal your child needs a hearing test. 

They Tell You They Are Having Problems with Their Ears or Hearing

Sometimes children report half-hearted issues that parents brush over. However, hearing problems should never be dismissed or ignored. If your child is reporting to you that they are hearing muffled noises, high pitch sounds or having difficulty hearing, then it is important to take it seriously. It could be a clear sign that they are experiencing hearing loss. 

When this happens, it is important to book an appointment with an audiologist to diagnose and treat the issue. Although the hearing loss may be mild, it will still impact their quality of life and may require a hearing aid. Catching the hearing loss earlier on will ensure that your child receives the treatment that they need. 

They Suddenly Concentrate When Having a Conversation More Than Usual 

When a person experiences hearing loss, they will likely focus on a conversation more than usual. The person experiencing the hearing loss may need to look at the person's face and mouth to better understand them. 

If your child shows signs of deep concentration when talking, then it could be a sign that they need a hearing test. Although it could be that they are interested, deep concentration often indicates that they are having trouble hearing properly. Thus, they concentrate more on the person talking to ensure that they can understand what is being said.

The child will look directly at your face, and most likely your mouth, to lip read and link the words they think they are hearing with the movement from your mouth. 

Some children will not understand what hearing loss is. Thus, when you notice signs that might indicate that they cannot hear properly, then you should get them a hearing test.

They Are Dismissive or Lack Attention When Spoken to 

Opposingly, some children may lack attentiveness and seem dismissive when spoken too. Although it is common for children to lose concentration easily, they may simply not be attentive in class or to an individual person because they cannot hear properly. Or noise is muffled and they feel irritated.

If a teacher reports a lack of attention and that they do not listen properly in class, it will not hurt to ask your child if they can hear. They may lack the understanding of hearing loss. However, when you ask them, they will likely tell you if they can or cannot hear. If they say that the teacher is quiet or muffled, it could indicate mild hearing loss. They may require a hearing test, hearing aids and sitting at the front of the class so they are closer to the sound. 

When you ask them about their hearing, do it in a calming way. They simply might not understand or acknowledge if they can hear properly or not. Thus, taking them to an audiologist will ensure that they receive the right testing to diagnose hearing loss.

They Speak Louder in Quiet Situations

When a person experiences hearing loss at any age, they may start to talk louder. This is because they cannot hear themselves speak. Speaking louder can indicate that they are having trouble hearing. Thus, a hearing test will be necessary. 

If they speak loud in loud environments, it is not necessarily a sign. However, speaking loud in quiet environments may indicate that they cannot hear themselves or feel the need to speak louder to be heard. Both of which indicate hearing loss and parents should take their child to get a hearing test. 

No matter if your child's signs are mild, it is important to get them a hearing test. Even if the child is experiencing mild hearing loss, they will require treatment and monitoring. Taking them to an audiologist will help improve their hearing, ear health and overall quality of life. 

If you do worry that your child is experiencing hearing loss then you should contact an audiologist. To learn more about Brentwood Hearing Center, call us today at 615-377-0420.