At your hearing aid fitting, you will be issued your new hearing aids. Your audiologist will test to make sure that they fit your ears properly. Then, they will program the volume and settings for your needs. Finally, they will answer any questions that you have and give you instructions on how to use and maintain them. Then, you will walk out of the office with your new hearing aids and your new life will begin! Here are some ways that your life may change following the receiving of your hearing aids.

1. You will be able to hear better in crowds

For many people with hearing issues, hearing in crowds can be especially difficult. This is because there are many sounds occurring at once and it can be hard to hone in and interpret the ones you want to hear. Hearing aids can help with this, and many even have built in directional microphones that can help you hear even better in crowds.

2. You will be able to lower the volume on various devices

If you constantly keep your phone, television or iPod blasting on high volume, you will no longer have to do this. This is because hearing aids will be able to help you hear these things much better on lower volume settings. This can be of tremendous help to you, especially when you are in a movie theater or are listening to or watching something with other people around.

3. You will be able to better understand the people you interact with

This is one of the best benefits of hearing aids. Being able to hear the voices of your loved ones and your friends better can be extremely valuable, and can dramatically increase quality of life. After all, the voices of our loved ones are one of the best things we can hear in this life.

4. Your work performance can improve ​​​​​​​

Hearing can be extremely important for many jobs. So, if you can hear better, it can help you to perform better at your jobs. You will be able to both communicate with your coworkers better, and listen to instructions better. Both of these things can be highly beneficial.

Talk more with your audiologist about what you can expect after your hearing aid fitting. The hearing aid fitting is an important appointment and allows you to get to know your new devices and understand how they will benefit you.