If you have never taken a hearing test before, then you may be a little bit anxious simply because it is an unknown experience for you. However, don’t worry, they aren’t that bad! In fact, you may find the process very simple and straightforward. A hearing test can be an extremely important health exam, so, it is a very good thing to do. Here is what to expect at a hearing test.

1. Introductory assessment and questions

When you first arrive at your audiologist’s office, most likely, he or she will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle and hearing health history. The purpose of this is for him or her to be able to gain a broader understanding of the quality of your hearing, and any things that may be impacting it. This part of the exam should only take a few minutes and it moves along very quickly.

2. Explanation of the hearing test

After the introductory assessment and questions, the audiologist will most likely next explain the type of hearing test that he or she is going to administer to you. He or she will let you know exactly what will happen during the hearing test, and why this particular test has been chosen for you.

3. Administering of the hearing test

The audiologist will then administer the actual hearing test. The process for the hearing test will be determined by which test the health professional has selected for you. However, regardless of which test he or she chooses, most likely you will be exposed to various types of sounds, and your responses to these sounds will be monitored in some way.

4. Analysis of the results

After your hearing test is complete, your audiologist will analyze your results, and then give them to you. He or she will answer any questions that you have about them and explain them in detail. Then, depending on your results, they may recommend a specific course of action for you to take. Hearing aids are the most common form of treatment for hearing loss and can be selected to meet your specific set of needs.

Talk more with your audiologist about what you can expect during your hearing test. The audiologist will be happy to go over any concerns you may have, answer questions and help you feel at ease for the upcoming appointment.