Your hearing aids are doing a lot of good work for you and taking care of them is the best thing you can do to keep hold of those great results. Hearing aids are, unfortunately, still quite fragile and do need to be taken care of properly. Luckily, when you know what you need to do, they are quite easy to look after.

Keep them dry

Hearing aids are not a fan of moisture in any way as it can get to the tiny circuit inside and cause real damage. Though there are now some moisture resistant hearing aids on the market, for the vast majority of people, keeping your hearing aids moisture-free is the best solution.

Always take your hearing aids out before swimming or doing any exercise that will make you sweaty. You should also make sure that you take them out before going into a steam room or taking a shower – even if you don’t plan to wash your hair.

Store your hearing aids in a dry place and give them a light wipe down to remove any moisture there may be.

Take care of the batteries

Your hearing aid relies on the batteries to function but they can also cause some problems. If a battery comes into contact with moisture, it may start corroding and cause issues. The best thing to do is to open the battery door while your hearing aids are not in use to let out any trapped moisture and remove the batteries completely if you are not planning to use your hearing aids for a few days.

You should also clean the battery contacts every time you replace the batteries to remove any dirt or moisture there.

Clean every day

There is nothing you can do to prevent your hearing aids from coming into contact with earwax but you can help matters. If you clean the tips every day using a cotton swab or toothbrush, you should be able to remove most of the wax yourself.

You should also check your wax filter every day and change regularly. This is to prevent the wax from reaching the internal components where it may cause damage. Ask your audiologist to show you how to do this for yourself.

Handle them delicately

Your hearing aids might look quite robust, but their small size makes them really quite delicate and they should be handled with care. When you are putting them in, hold each one securely and try not to rush the process as this may cause you to make sudden movements or even drop one.

When you are cleaning your hearing aids, it is best to lie them on a soft surface such as a towel. This is useful because you may drop one while you are trying to clean it and a towel will soften the fall.

Always store your hearing aids in a box that is kept out of the reach of children or pets. Hearing aids are not toys and should never be treated as such.