Many people take their hearing health for granted. Because hearing loss often occurs gradually, it can be difficult to identify the signs when you’re experiencing it.

If you suspect something may be wrong with your hearing, don’t wait to seek treatment! Finding an audiologist in your area is the first step to treating your hearing loss. An audiologist will be your partner when it comes evaluating your hearing health, so it’s essential to find one you’re comfortable with.

Still not convinced you should seek help? Here are seven reasons to trust an audiologist with your hearing health:

1. An audiologist specializes in hearing health

An audiologist has extensive knowledge when it comes to hearing health. From their education to the training required to become an audiologist, this professional has a vast amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to treating your hearing loss.

2. An audiologist’s motivation is to improve your hearing

Audiologists don’t see their profession as a job, but rather a vocation. Their primary motivation is to help people to hear the best they can and they measure success in terms of quality, not quantity.

This means an audiologist wants you to feel comfortable every step of the way, from how reception staff communicates to being at ease during the hearing test. They invest in their patients as people, not just another number.

3. An audiologist’s opinion is unbiased

As a medical professional, an audiologist looks at the evidence before reaching a conclusion. This means they weigh up the features and benefits of every single hearing device they offer. They recommend a device based on what’s best for that person, rather than a sales target or a particular model left on the shelf.

4. An audiologist is extremely knowledgeable about hearing aids

An audiologist views a hearing device as a piece of medical equipment, rather than a commodity on the shelf. Their attitude to dispensing a hearing aid is to consider the patient’s needs first and then find the device best matched to those needs. Since no two people’s hearing issues are the same, this means having an extensive knowledge of the devices available.

5. An audiologist is a medical professional

As a medical professional, you can have complete confidence and place your trust in an audiologist. From treating what you say with confidentiality to putting your needs first, trusting a medical professional with your hearing health cannot be underestimated.

6. An audiologist looks at the bigger picture

A hearing test provides a marker for your general health. Only an audiologist, with years of degree-level training, is qualified to spot the red flags on an audiogram that could indicate the earliest signs of cardiovascular disease.

7. An audiologist will improve your ability to communicate

And finally, an audiologist will improve your ability to communicate. Even if your hearing loss is severe, they can suggest other options such as speech therapy to improve your ability to communicate.