Hearing aids are very delicate instruments. They can be damaged by earwax, moisture and heat. If your hearing aid isn’t working properly, try these at home repairs before you call the audiologist.

Doesn’t work at all

This could be caused by a clog or problem with the batteries.

  • Make sure it is turned on
  • Check that it is not in the telecoil setting
  • Ensure the battery is inserted properly
  • Change the batteries
  • Check battery contacts for corrosion and clean with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol
  • Check tubing for moisture and clean if necessary
  • Check sound bore on earmold for an earwax clog

Sound is weak

  • Check battery. Replace if necessary
  • Check tubing for cracks and moisture. Replace if necessary
  • Check that the earmold is not clogged with wax
  • Reinsert the earmold and check the fit; feedback at a pitch you cannot hear will make sound seem weak.

Intermittent sound

  • Flick the power switch on and off to clear any dust from the controls.
  • Examine the battery contacts for corrosion and clean with a cotton swab
  • Moisture can distort sound. Keep your hearing aids in a dehumidifier overnight
  • Replace the tubing from earmold to the hearing aid

Whistling or feedback

Remove the earmold and reinsert to check the fit. If you remove the earmold and put your finger over the hole and the feedback stops, you didn’t have it inserted properly. Make sure your ear canal is not blocked with earwax. Clean your ears. Make sure the earmold isn’t coated with wax. Clean the earmold. If this doesn’t correct the problem, take the hearing aid to the audiologist.

Preventative care

Proper care of your hearing aids extends the life of the aid and ensures you get the best hearing experience possible.

Always clean your hearing aids over a towel-covered counter. If you drop your hearing aid, the towel will prevent damage. Protect your hearing aids from extreme hot or cold. Don’t store them by a sunny window, a radiator or the glove box of the car. Always store them in a drying box or dehumidifier. Clean your hearing aids regularly and take them to the audiologist for a deep clean.