If you suspect that your hearing is going, then you are not alone. So many people experience hearing loss from time to time, but if you suspect that your hearing loss is becoming more frequent, then it’s time to try and get to the root of the problem. If you want to find out more, take a look below.

You Can’t Hear on The Telephone

If you have a hard time hearing the phone, then you should know that most cell phones and landlines come with a control setting for volume. You can easily turn this up if you are having a hard time understanding what the other person is saying. If you find that the volume is already turned up to the max then you may have hearing loss, so you need to try and look into this if possible.

You Can’t Follow a Conversation

If you can follow a conversation just fine but find it hard when there are a lot of other people talking then this is another sign that you have hearing loss. Your ability to process several incoming sounds will deteriorate over time, so getting lost in a busy conversation isn’t always a sign of hearing loss. However, if you are at work or if you are eating dinner with your family and you can’t keep up, then this is another sign that you have hearing loss. This is especially the case if there are only two people talking at the same time.

Your Family Complain That the TV Is Loud

If your family or your neighbors complain that the television is too loud, then you may be experiencing hearing loss. Television programs can be especially hard to hear if you find that the music is drowning out the dialogue. Turning the television up louder doesn’t always make it clearer. If you need the TV turned up loud, to the point where it is very uncomfortable for others then this is a major sign that you need to get a hearing test done.

You Get Tired from Conversations

Getting tired from straining to hear conversations is also another sign that your hearing is going. You may feel as though you are constantly straining to hear others and that you find it hard to mentally and physically following a conversation. You may find that you end up feeling exhausted and worn out after a very average day and that you also experience headaches. This is especially the case after you have been talking to your co-workers, your family and your friends all day.

You Can’t Hear in Noisy Environments

If you have a hard time hearing when you are in a noisy environment, then you may be experiencing hearing loss. You may find that the background noise makes it very difficult for you to hear people at the table and you may also find it hard to focus on speech as well. This is a very common complaint that a lot of audiologists hear, so if you find that it happens to you quite often, then make sure that you book yourself in for a hearing valuation.

You Say Sorry a Lot

If you find yourself saying sorry, what and pardon quite a lot, then you may also have hearing loss. Just because you didn’t hear a friend speak from across the room doesn’t mean that you have hearing loss, but if you can’t hear them when they are standing close to you, then this is a common sign. You may also find that you have to rely heavily on your partner to translate things for you because you are unable to hear them talk.

People Never Speak Clearly

Some people don’t think that they have hearing loss, they think that other people don’t talk clearly enough. Quite often, people who have hearing loss feel as though they can hear things, but they cannot understand them. This comes down to them not being able to tell high frequencies apart.

You Misunderstand Quite Often

You may find that you quite often misunderstand what people say on a regular basis. Misunderstanding someone can be embarrassing but it is a sign that you have hearing loss. You may find it hard to discern the sounds that come with speech. This is known as sensorineural hearing loss, and it can come from getting older but at the same time it also comes down to exposure to loud noises.

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