When it comes to your hearing health, audiologists are the top professionals to receive care from. With a vast knowledge in everything ear health related to hearing devices, an audiologist is the first professional you should see to have your hearing health evaluated. Curious what an audiologist can do to help you? Consider the following four services:

1. Administer hearing tests

If you think you’re suffering from hearing loss, the audiologist will perform a number of different hearing tests to determine the severity of your condition. Additionally, the audiologist will collect pertinent information regarding your health, including: a comprehensive medical background, all symptoms and current medications you’re on. Between the hearing tests and your background information, the audiologist will be able to create a more precise picture of your hearing health.

2. Evaluate the results of hearing tests

After you have taken your hearing test, your audiologist can evaluate the results. They will be able to look at your audiogram and quickly understand your levels of hearing loss in most cases. The audiogram will show the pitches and frequencies you have a difficult time hearing and will help the audiologist better guide your treatment.

3. Help you select hearing aids

If it turns out that you do have hearing loss, then there is a good chance that you will require hearing aids. If you do, the audiologist will be able to help you choose the best style and options for you. After all, this is one of an audiologist’s specialties. Choosing the right hearing aid is very important to optimize your experience while wearing them. So getting the help of an audiologist is a crucial key for successful treatment.

4. Provide you with instructions on how to use your hearing aids

It is not enough to simply own a pair of hearing aids to experience the benefits. You will also have to know how to use them properly. Your audiologist will help teach you how to use them properly and how to get the most out of your hearing aids. Additionally, the audiologist will provide you with a set of care and maintenance instructions to keep your devices in optimal shape.

If you think you’re suffering from hearing loss, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area. The audiologist will be able to evaluate your symptoms, diagnose any hearing loss present and recommend the best course of treatment.