If your audiologist has given you hearing aids, you need to consider how essential batteries are. As with any device, you need it to be in good working order, which means that you need to ensure that you have the right type of battery for your style of hearing aid. Your audiologist should be able to tell you which batteries are right for your hearing aid types, and they do differ. So, you must pay attention during your audiology appointment.

It’s a good idea to ask your audiologist where you can get hearing aid batteries from. Some providers need to supply them directly, where others need to buy them in for you to collect. Understanding the different types of hearing aid batteries is a good start if you plan to source your own.

Different types of hearing aid batteries

Every single hearing aid – no matter the type – requires batteries to operate well. The ones that you need depend on your hearing aid type as they come in different sizes. Luckily, hearing aids are color coded, which makes it easy to identify their size. Almost all batteries are operated with zinc-air, and this is because it requires you to remove the sticker to be able to activate the battery in the first place. The oxygen interacts with the battery, enabling it to start working for you. You cannot put the sticker back on the battery to turn it off and the battery will stay on until it runs out of power once you remove the sticker.

The bigger behind-the-ear hearing aids have larger batteries than the smaller hearing aids that are completely in the canal. The larger the battery, the longer the life, of course. You should always speak to your audiologist about your hearing aid batteries before you purchase and change them, as you want to ensure that you have the right ones for your hearing aid type. Buying the wrong ones can cost you, and you’ll potentially damage the hearing aid trying to fit them into it!

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

It’s important to know that hearing aid batteries do not last long at all, and you must have a second or third battery on standby to replace your battery when it runs out. Hearing aids may not be all that big, but they sure know how to drain a battery! They are complicated little devices, and they consume a surprising amount of power. Most hearing aid batteries last anywhere between three and twenty-two days, and this is based on wearing your hearing aids for 16 hours per day. The amount of power that your battery uses impacts how long it will last, so it really does depend on usage.

It’s always better to buy batteries in larger packs, as they are more cost-effective in bulk than they are individual. If you are budgeting for hearing aid batteries in your monthly expenses, it’s worth noting how many times they will need to be replaced if they are smaller. Having batteries in stock at home is a smart idea, and your audiologist can talk you through how long each of your batteries should last. 

How can I help my batteries to last longer?

Honestly, there is no real way to extend the life of the battery itself. However, you can ensure that you don't unnecessarily drain your hearing aid batteries. These tips should help:

  • Turn off your hearing aids when you’re not using them
  • Open the battery compartment door so that any sweat or moisture can evaporate faster
  • Store all batteries at room temperature so that you can keep them away from humidity.
  • Keep batteries away from house keys and loose cash – you could short circuit them if they are close to other metals

If you ensure that you keep your hearing aid batteries in a place that stays at room temperature, they'll stay charged up for three years! The brand that you buy doesn't matter when it comes to purchasing batteries, but you should consider taking the advice of your audiologist. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

The right advice

The biggest tip that you could have when you buy hearing aid batteries is always to get the right size and take the advice you are given. With our expert audiologists at Brentwood Hearing Center, you can get the information that you need about your hearing aid batteries. Call today at 615-377-0420 today for more information.