Coming to terms with hearing loss can be a challenge. However, it’s even more challenging when your partner experiences it, and you have to try and convince them to get hearing aids. 

Needless to say, this is a difficult conversation to have. In general, people don’t like being told what they should do. But things are harder when discussing hearing loss as your partner may be stubborn and might not want to wear a hearing device. Some people get embarrassed at the thought of wearing one, particularly if they’re quite young. 

So, how do you convince your partner to get hearing aids?

Your partner needs to know what their hearing loss is doing to you as a couple. It may not seem like it would affect you, but it does. Tell them how it’s difficult for you to live in a house with the TV on full-blast all the time. Or, you keep having to repeat everything you say three or four times before shouting it at them. 

It’s not a healthy way to live, and you’re both affected by it. If this keeps going on for longer, then resentment will grow as you don’t enjoy shouting everything at them. If they know what it’s doing to your relationship and life, then they should be more likely to seek help. 

Tell them about the dangers of untreated hearing loss

Sometimes, you’ve got to shock them to their senses. Most people think that hearing loss is something that only affects your ability to hear. 

On the contrary, people with hearing loss are heavily linked to conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s –  along with other mental health problems like depression and anxiety. This is because losing the ability to hear will change your life. You struggle to engage with people because you can’t understand what you’re saying. There are also strong links between hearing loss and memory loss, hence the connection to dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Tell your partner about all of this as a warning to them. Let them know what is likely to happen if they keep going down this path and avoid treatment. Hopefully, they come to their senses and book an appointment with an audiologist to obtain hearing aids. 

Show them the different hearing aids available

The main reason your partner doesn’t want a hearing aid is because of the stigma surrounding them. They’re embarrassed to wear this device, so it’s time to show them that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Sit with them and look at the different hearing aid options online. Tell your partner there are CIC and ITC hearing aids that fit completely or partially in the ear canal. As a result, they’re very hard for other people to see. So, if your partner is worried about people seeing the hearing aid and judging them, then this no longer has to be an issue. 

Most people don’t know that hearing aids like this are available. Mostly, they think about the traditional hearing aid – which can be bulky and not very pleasing on the eye. So, that’s where the apparent stigma stems from. If your partner knows that there are more discreet options on the market, then they could be more willing to go out and get some. 

Book an appointment with your audiologist

Lastly, you should book an appointment with your audiologist. If your partner is willing, you can book them in for a hearing aid consultation, so the audiologist can talk about things with them. Here, it gives your partner a chance to listen to the opinions of a professional. Realistically, the audiologist will just recite everything you’ve been telling them, plus some other information to really drive home the importance of hearing aids. But, hearing this from someone else can be what your partner needs to push them to make the right decision. 

If they’re not willing to go for a consultation, then book a hearing test for yourself and ask them to accompany you. Here, you can ask the audiologist about hearing aids while your partner is present. Hopefully, this has the same effect!

All in all, it can be hard to convince your partner that they need hearing aids, but it’s something you must do. Otherwise, they won’t get the treatment they need, and their hearing loss will get worse. 

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