Getting your hearing aids repaired is essential if you have a problem with them and if you would like to restore them to proper working quality as soon as possible. The extent of repairs needed and the time it will take to have them fixed depends on the severity of damage.

Here are some of the best ways to get your hearing aids repaired. At least one of these methods should address the problems you’re having with your devices.

1. Fixing them at home

For basic problems, you may be able to troubleshoot hearing aid problems at home. For example, if too much wax has built up on your microphone and the sound is muffled, you may be able to use a wax pic to remove debris and remedy your problem. When assessing your hearing aid problems at home, make sure your devices are turned on; they’re switched in the proper mode and settings, and have fresh batteries.

2. Bringing them to your audiologist

Audiologists are hearing aid experts and can fix a wide range of hearing aid issues. They may also be able to replace basic parts for you. So, if you’ve run through troubleshooting at home and still have not been able to fix your devices, schedule an appointment to have your audiologist examine them.

Additionally, audiologists offer professional cleaning and maintenance services. Sometimes, even with daily cleaning at home, your hearing aids will malfunction simply because they need more extensive care and maintenance. Your audiologist will be able to inspect your hearing aid for any potential damage, cracks in the tubing or other issues, so don’t hesitate to contact them for assistance with your device.  

3. Sending them back to the manufacturer

If your audiologist examines your hearing aid and determines the damage is too severe or does not have the parts needed to perform the device repairs, they will likely suggest sending them back to the manufacturer. Your audiologist can work as a liaison between you and the manufacturer, taking out the guesswork of when you’ll get your hearing aids back and what to do in the meantime.

Hearing aid repairs can be frustrating, but with some at-home troubleshooting and help from your audiologist, you can rest assured your devices will be functioning properly in no time.