Millions of people all over the world are affected by some kind of hearing loss. The ways that different people experience hearing loss can vary wildly and there are a whole lot of different reasons why people might experience some form of hearing loss. It could be the result of injuries to the inner ear, certain forms of medication, infections or even certain neurological conditions. However, if there is one thing that everyone who is affected by hearing loss has in common is the desire to live their life to the fullest.

It’s fortunate then that there are a lot of fantastic options available to you those who are experiencing some form of hearing loss. The most obvious of these is, of course, the use of a hearing aid. Hearing aids have been in use as a method of helping those with hearing loss for many years and over that time they have become increasingly advanced. 

Analog hearing aids have been switched out for digital aids and implants. Of course, as with any electronic device, there will always be a shelf life for hearing aids. There will come a time when they need to be replaced. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that your hearing aids last for as long as possible.

Change the batteries frequently

It is hardly a shock that hearing aids can’t function without some kind of power source. The battery is an essential part of any hearing aid and it’s important that you make sure that they’re fully charged. If you have rechargeable batteries for your hearing aid, charging them any time they’re not in use is crucial so that they don’t stop working when you still need them. 

If they don’t have rechargeable batteries then switching out the batteries for fresh ones is just as important. Not only do elderly batteries not function properly but they can also damage the internal elements of your hearing aid.

Keep them clean

Far too often, people seem to neglect to clean their hearing aids on a regular basis. An unclean hearing aid is a serious problem. Whether it’s debris on the microphone, dirt inside the battery compartment or blocked tubing, if your hearing aid isn’t kept clean then it’s not going to function properly. 

Not only that but if you aren’t keeping your hearing aid clean then you risk letting it become damaged and require replacement much sooner. If you’re looking to find better ways to clean your hearing aid, speaking to your audiologist is the best option available to you.

Avoid moisture where possible

Your hearing aids are electronic devices and if there’s one thing that you can pretty much guarantee about all electronic devices, it’s that they do not do particularly well when exposed to water. Moisture can do a lot of damage to many of the delicate internal parts of your hearing aid. Of course, many hearing aids are water resistant to a degree. 

After all, the last thing you want is for getting caught in the rain to ruin your hearing aid. However, it’s always a good idea to try and protect your hearing aids from water as much as possible. This means simple things like removing them while swimming, showering or exercising can make a big difference. If you do get your hearing aid wet then the best thing you can do is to dry it immediately with a soft cloth or tissue.

Keep beauty products away from them

There’s nothing wrong with wearing beauty products with your hearing aids in as long as you’re taking care to keep them away from the hearing aids themselves. Things like makeup, lotions, moisturizers, perfumes, powders, hair spray and even sun cream can get into the small and delicate elements of your hearing aids and do a great deal of damage to them that can shorten their life span or even break them completely.

Store them in a safe place

If they aren’t handled with care, the small parts in your hearing aids can easily get broken. That’s why storing them in a safe place is always a good idea. A protective case for them is always a good idea and it’s often a good idea to keep them out of reach of children as well.

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