Hearing loss is often associated with older people. With constant exposure to loud sounds and noises, the ears get damaged over the years and this results in hearing loss. However, it is not only the old people that are prone to hearing loss. Exposure to very loud sounds can lead to a problem in hearing with younger people as well. Unfortunately, despite the obvious challenges that hearing loss results in, most people aren’t really careful about protecting their ears and this lackluster attitude largely results from not fully understanding what the major causes of hearing loss are.

Here are some major causes of hearing loss:

1. Exposure to loud sounds

Well, this one is quite obvious. When your ears are exposed to loud noises, they are bound to get damaged and adversely affected in some way. When the ears are constantly exposed to such sounds and noises, you are no longer able to determine the threshold your ears should be normally exposed to and this results in hearing loss. To avoid this from happening, exposure to loud sounds should be kept to a minimum. If your workplace involves such loud sounds and noises, wearing earplugs is suggested.

2. Loud sounds in confined spaces

While loud sounds are obviously the major reason for hearing loss, exposure to loud sounds in a confined or tight space can prove to be even more damaging for the ears. When the noises have less distance to travel to and there is no real outlet for them to go out to, they emanate more which increases their intensity. Whether it is listening to music in your room or playing video games, the volume should always be kept low (particularly if the respected area is small in size).

3. Music or television on high volume

Some people like to hear music or watch television with the volume turned all the way up. For them, music only sounds good when the volume is really high. However, what they don’t realize is that this can be seriously damaging for their ears. While the music may be good in itself, the loud volume can be extremely detrimental. Therefore, whenever you listen to music, be it via headphones or through speakers, keep the volume down. This way, you will protect your ears and also enjoy the music better.

The causes mentioned above are only a few of the hundreds of factors that can cause hearing loss. Generally speaking, anything that is loud (whether it is the environment, a device, or a vehicle), can lead to permanent hearing loss. Moreover, once the hearing is damaged, it can be very hard to repair or restore it. As the hearing is one of the most important senses, it should be protected from all causes.

Therefore, to ensure you keep your ability to hear in good shape, be aware of the above-mentioned causes and stay away from them as much as you can.