When it comes to getting new hearing aids, you may have a million questions going through your brain. It can be a very trying and nerve-wracking experience to be going through and you want to make sure you make the right choice. It’s important to understand what you want, what you need and the hearing device that can address those concerns. If you’re wondering what to ask your audiologist about hearing aids, consider the following list of points.

  • Cost: Cost can be a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing hearing aids. Hearing aids are a large and important investment. Hearing devices are amazing little electronic devices that pack a lot into a very little package. You are paying for the technology. Your audiologist should go over the different price points with you, as there are a few, and also discuss with you the different features and added benefits of each hearing aid at each price point.
  • Comfort: You want and need to make sure that your hearing aids are going to be comfortable. If you wear glasses or sunglasses you are going to want to be sure they fit along with your glasses. If you wear hearing protection at work you will want to know what to do with them at that point. Your audiologist should have sample hearing aids for you to test out in office to see if they are comfortable to wear.
  • Visibility: Hearing aid styles offer varying levels of discreetness. Try on the sample hearing aids in the office with your audiologist in front of a mirror and see what you think. Talk with your audiologist about what your aesthetic desires are when it comes to your hearing devices, in addition to which ones will treat your hearing loss best.
  • Sound: Ask about the sound that will be coming from the hearing aid. You will be hearing the world around you and it may be a bit different than what you are used to. Talk to your audiologist about the sound and how the hearing aids work to deliver the sound to your ears. Adjustments can be made to the hearing aids over time so don’t worry, you will not be stuck with the initial sound of the hearing aid if it does not work for you.
  • Cleaning and care: Your audiologist will go over cleaning and care of your hearing aids with you upon picking up your hearing aids at your initial hearing aid fitting. The general care and maintenance of your hearing aids should be simple. Clean after every use and avoid moisture, dirt and debris.

Your audiologist is a partner in your hearing loss treatment. Don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns you have with your audiologist in regards to your hearing loss, hearing aids or treatment plan.