Getting your hearing tested will let you know if you have any hearing loss, and what options are available to you if you do. It might be a little stressful to visit an audiologist for a hearing test if you have never had one before, but your audiologist will help you to feel at ease. To help you relax even more and put you on more familiar ground, you can ask your audiologist some questions during your test. Some could be general questions, and others can relate to your case specifically. Here are some questions you can ask.

What does the test involve?

Going into the unknown can be a little stressful, but a hearing test is nothing to be worried about and won't cause you any pain. It usually involves a series of different tests to check the function of various parts of your ears. These can include pure-tone testing, which consists of playing sounds to check the frequencies and volumes you can hear, and tympanometry, which monitors the functioning of your eardrum. Ask your audiologist which tests they will perform and what they mean.

What is the cause of my hearing loss?

If your test does reveal that you having hearing loss, you might be wondering what could cause it. Most hearing loss is the result of aging, but various other things can cause hearing loss. For example, you might develop hearing loss from an illness or from prolonged exposure to loud sounds. Your audiologist might be able to suggest a cause or might recommend further tests.

Can hearing aids help me?

Many people who have hearing loss are candidates for hearing aids. Your audiologist can advise you on whether hearing aids might be useful for you, and they can explain how they can help you. Hearing aids help using microphones and receivers to ensure you can hear more and make the most of your existing hearing. You can also discuss any other options that might be available, including treatment for tinnitus.

What types of hearing aid can I use?

If you want to discuss hearing aids, you can ask about what types of hearing aids might be available to you. There are various options, but not all hearing aids are suitable for all ears. Your audiologist can talk to you about which ones might be suitable for you, from tiny completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids to high-tech Bluetooth hearing aids.

When should I come for a checkup?

Getting your hearing tested shouldn't be a one-time thing, especially when you have hearing loss. When you should next come for a checkup can depend on a variety of factors, so ask your audiologist when they recommend you see them next. If you require hearing aids, you might have a few appointments soon so that you can have them fitted and ensure they're working well for you.

Before your hearing test, you might want to write down some questions to ask your audiologist so that you're prepared when you arrive.