For many people, getting hearing aids can represent a tremendous change in their lives. People who have significant trouble hearing often experience strong positive changes in their ability to hear sound after they put in the devices. Untreated hearing loss can cause a number of emotional conditions, including social withdrawal, anxiety, depression and isolation. Once you take the initiative to get hearing aids, you’re on track to improving your quality of life.

So, if you are going to your first hearing aid fitting appointment, then you should be prepared, and realize that you may have a profound positive emotional reaction to your hearing aids.

A brand new perspective

Many people who have hearing damage essentially lose one of their five senses to a certain extent. For some people, their hearing loss is almost 100 percent in one or both of their ears. For others, their hearing loss may only be 10-20 percent. However, no matter what your hearing loss level is, if your condition can be improved by hearing aids, and if you get them, then it is as if you suddenly regained your lost sense. This can alter the entire way that you perceive life. It can be incredible, but also very overwhelming.

Making the transition

Getting used to your new hearing abilities, which come as a result of wearing hearing aids, can take some time. You may simply stop at times just to hear things that you may have struggled to hear clearly before. For example, the sound of water rushing in a brook, music or other things may all be much more clear now. This can be very emotional. Even just hearing sound better for the first time in your fitting appointment may be highly emotional and overwhelming. This is normal, so don’t worry!

Improved quality of life

In many cases, if you have a significant hearing impairment, then getting hearing aids can improve your quality of life. This is because you will be able to hear conversations better, you can hear televisions, radios and movie theater sound better and even hear music better. So, the first few weeks after your hearing aid fitting appointment may be filled with a lot of joy. Hopefully, you get a highly improved quality of life. If there is an issue with your hearing aids after your fitting appointment, you can discuss it with your audiologist at the follow-up appointment.