Hearing aids are packed full of complex circuitry and technology – as well as having a few moving parts too. As a result, it’s easy for things to break if you’re not looking after them. When this happens, you may need hearing aid repairs.

Before you do anything, it’s worth speaking to your audiologist about hearing aid repairs. In fact, you should do this when you first receive your devices! Here are a few questions to ask:

What should I do if I need hearing aid repairs?

When your hearing aid breaks, you must know the next steps to take. Ask your audiologist what you should do if you need hearing aid repairs.

Typically, they’ll tell you to keep the device protected and bring it to them. From here, they can assess the damage and figure out what the problem is. If there’s a quick fix, then they may be qualified to handle it. If not, they’ll send it off to be professionally repaired for you.

Should I attempt any hearing aid repairs myself?

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a DIY expert from time to time. When your hearing aid stops working, you want to fix the issue yourself. In doing so, you could possibly save money and sort the problem right away.

However, your audiologist will tell you to stay away from any hearing aid repairs. Don’t touch anything or try and fix any issue – leave it to the professionals. Instead, you could change the batteries to see if that fixes the problem or give your device a clean. If neither helps, then don’t attempt any repairs; ring your audiologist.

What are the most common hearing aid repairs?

This is an excellent question to ask when you receive your hearing aids for the first time. It gives you a chance to understand what goes wrong in a lot of hearing aids. Commonly, repairs usually involve the battery chamber or microphone. Your audiologist will go over things in more detail when you ask.

By knowing the common repairs, it helps you take better care of your device. If you know that the microphone can break easily, then you become more cautious when handling it.

How can I prevent hearing aid repairs?

It's also worth asking how to prevent hearing aid repairs. Realistically, nobody wants to deal with any hearing aid problems. When your devices are damaged or broken, you’re left with nothing to help your hearing loss. Therefore, you want to stop this from happening.

Ask your audiologist for tips on preventing hearing aid repairs. You should receive a detailed breakdown of the best maintenance practices to follow. If you maintain your devices and use them correctly, then they will last for many years. In turn, you will avoid a lot of potential hearing aid repairs and save a lot of money.

If your hearing aids do become damaged or broken, then you must act quickly. Call your audiologist straight away to try and book an appointment – or to seek advice over the phone. Never attempt repairs yourself as you’ll most likely cause further damages.