Millions of people rely on hearing aids to assist with hearing loss. If you wear hearing aids, you know how critical they are to keeping you in touch with the world around you. If you are having a problem with your hearing aids, here are some possible solutions.

I can’t hear anything

  1. Is the battery door shut all the way? The battery door must be shut for the hearing aid to operate. Make sure the batteries are in properly and the door is shut all the way.
  2. Is the battery good? Your hearing aid can’t work if it doesn’t have power. If you have a battery tester, use it to test the charge. If you don’t have a tester, put in a fresh battery.
  3. Is earwax the problem? Check for wax on the microphone or the sound outlet. If so, use your cleaning tools to gently remove the wax.
  4. Is the volume up? If you have manual volume control, check to make sure that it didn’t get accidently turned all the way down.
  5. If your hearing aid has different settings or programs, try each one to see if you can hear with any setting.

I can hear sound, but it’s too low

This can also be caused by earwax. Check the microphone opening and the sound outlet to make sure there is no wax buildup. If wax is present, clean your hearing aid. If your hearing aid uses tubing, check to make sure that the tubing isn’t cracked or clogged. Replace the tubing if needed.

Check the volume. Some hearing aids have a manual volume control. If it gets accidentally turned down it makes it hard to hear.

Is it set on the right program? If your hearing aid has multiple settings or programs flip through them to make sure it was on the right setting. You might be accidently in telecoil.

Time to visit the professional

If you have tried these troubleshooting measures and you still can’t hear then it is time to visit your hearing center. Check with your hearing center to find out if they accept walk-ins to inspect your hearing aids or if you need to make an appointment. Your hearing aid might need to be reprogrammed or repaired.

You should also consider how long it has been since your last hearing test. If your hearing aids are functioning properly, but you are still having a problem with your hearing, it might be time to visit your hearing specialist. Hearing needs change over time and your hearing aids may need to change, as well.