In the world we live in today, protecting your hearing is more important than ever. The proliferation of loud music and earbuds has meant that more and more people are suffering from hearing loss than ever, and yet loud music isn’t the only culprit for loss of hearing. There are plenty of work environments that are causing issues for people and it’s these environments that require extra ear protection for people. As such, it’s so important for you to take the right steps early to protect your hearing.

When you are about to head into a loud environment, you need to consider safeguarding your ears against the noise you’re about to expose your hearing to. Before you head out on the electric ride-on mower, or to that concert with your favourite artists, consider equipping your ears with one of the many ear protection items. You’d have hopefully been advised by your audiologist which one of these is the best, but if not, here are six of the best out there:

Foam Earplugs

These are a handy option for those who need to wear ear protection often. They are cheap, easy to buy in bulk and are compressed before entering into the ear canal. This can then plug your hearing from being exposed to loud noises.

Wax Balls

These aren’t the same as the foam earplugs, because foam earplugs still provide you with a sense of being able to hear a little. The wax balls can be manipulated enough to stop the noise getting through altogether. As with the foam plugs, these aren’t expensive and you can buy them in bulk.

Silicone Earplugs

Similar to the foam kind, these silicone earplugs are easy to use and not as irritating to wear. These aren’t put into the ear canal, they’re there to cover the auditory canal.


You can get these in several types of material, colour and model. Some are larger than others but they’re the hearing protection that sits over each ear and is connected by a headband that is fully adjustable.

Universal Earplugs

These are the most common around for ear protection, and they can completely block the auditory canal – though they do allow some sense of hearing.


Musicians and motorcyclists use these often as they can fit perfectly and can last you for years. They are one of the many customized hearing protection devices that you can use.

Working in environments with a lot of loud noise, or having hobbies that are exposed to high levels of sound means that you are responsible for taking steps to protect your hearing at all costs. Scheduling an appointment with an audiologist to discuss which ear protection you should have is important, as you want to have the right protection for your needs. You can have your hearing evaluated and your noise levels in your life assessed before making a decision.