Different hearing aids have different features. As there are various forms of hearing loss, some people require features that others do not. Due to this, there is not a definite answer as to which hearing aid is the best. Instead, looking for certain features will indicate that the hearing aid is best suited to you. Here is a list of the best features to look for, which may help you find the hearing aid for your needs.

Anti-phase Feedback

Anti-phase feedback is a feature that most hearing aids will offer. Furthermore, most people will require it. 

The anti-phase feature detects whistling and feedback noises and cancels them out. This means that a person’s hearing will not be interrupted. Phase feedback can cause irritation. This feature will improve the quality of hearing and make your hearing as normal as possible. 


The microphone is one of the most crucial features of a hearing aid. It is the feature that picks up sound from in front of you, next to you or behind you. Each type of microphone will pick up sounds in different ways. Depending on your level of hearing loss and your preferences, you might require a certain type of hearing loss. 

The different types of hearing aid microphones include:

  • Omnidirectional: These pick up from sounds all around the room equally. 
  • Directional microphone: Amplifies the strongest sounds, which will pick up the sounds in front of other sounds. 
  • Adaptive directional: Allows the user to adjust the settings to their preferred sound. 

Automatic Noise Reduction

Similar to anti-phase feedback, many hearing aids feature automatic noise reduction. This will capture loud noises and ensure they are not amplified too aggressively into the ear. Instead, they will pick up loud or background noises and reduce them. This will improve the quality of hearing and make it as close to normal as possible. 

Low Battery Indicator

Your hearing aids will likely require charging. Some require more frequent charging than others. Low battery indicators will ensure that you do not go without hearing aids. If you are heading out for the day, the low battery indicator will catch you before leaving to ensure that you charge them or enable you to take the charger with you. 

Some hearing aids allow you to change the battery, which means you can take a battery out with you in case the hearing aid runs out of juice. 

A popular option, considered the best, are batteries that are rechargeable. This means you will not need to pay for new batteries and can have all features in one place. You will require a charger. However, this is considered an easier option than having to change the batteries.


Some hearing aids are more discreet than others. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are, of course, easy to see. The external arm sits around the ear, which is visible. However, some hearing aids such as in the ear (ITE) or in the canal (ITC) are more discreet due to the lack of external features. They sit snugly inside the ear and are not visible unless someone was to look directly into your ear. 

Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus is a common issue for those who experience hearing loss. It is an issue that causes high pitch ringing in the ear. Some hearing aids have a feature that masks or relieves tinnitus. This helps users continue with their days and avoid the high pitch noises that tinnitus causes. Not all hearing aids have the tinnitus relief or tinnitus masker feature. However, they can be requested. 

Bluetooth Connection

With the advancement of hearing aids comes connectivity features like Bluetooth. Many users like to have the option to connect and monitor their hearing aids through their mobile devices, which is possible with Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth allows you to connect your hearing aids to an app, which allows you to adjust the settings of your hearing aids. For instance, you will easily be able to adjust the volume, direction of sound amplification and switch them on and off. 

If you want to live a more comfortable life with improved hearing abilities, then looking for specific features will help with that. You can achieve a better quality of life with hearing aids that are discreet, reduce feedback and background noise and relieve tinnitus. Although there is not one hearing aid option considered the best, the above features improve the quality of the hearing aid and the wearer’s quality of life and hearing.

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