Most of us experience hearing loss at some point in our lives. For some, it is the result of a genetic condition like Meniere’s disease. For others, it is a side effect of a party lifestyle involving many late nights at concerts, clubs and bars. For others, it is a simple side effect of the aging process. Yet, while many of us will likely experience hearing loss at some point or another, that is not to say that we are powerless to prevent it or mitigate its effects.

If we allow it to, hearing loss can slowly take the color out of our day to day lives, make even pleasant conversation at the breakfast table a tiresome chore and even alienate us from those who we love the most. Thus, it is essential that we remain vigilant and watch out for the signs of hearing loss. Knowing the signs will allow you to take swift and decisive action to prevent hearing loss from impacting on your life.

Thus, if you spot any of these signs of hearing loss, it’s a good idea to see a hearing health professional as soon as possible.


Tinnitus is an irritating ringing sensation in the inner ear. It is often accompanied by a numb or blocked feeling within the ear and a temporary reduction in hearing in the afflicted ear. It is a fairly common problem, afflicting around one in five of us at some point. However, tinnitus is never a problem in and of itself. Rather it is a symptom of an underlying issue. Thus, if you experience tinnitus regularly, it could be a symptom of deterioration of your hearing. Seek professional advice as soon as you can.

You favor one ear over the other

Hearing trouble rarely affects hearing loss in both ears, equally. Most of us experience a more profound loss of hearing in one ear than the other, causing us to favor our “good” ear in conversation, whether we’re aware of it or not. If you regularly find yourself leaning to one side when someone is speaking to you this can be a telling sign.

Your neighbors often complain that you have the TV on too loud

If you settle down for a movie night in and find your cinematic enjoyment cut short by an angry bang on the door from an irritated neighbor, this can be a sign. If you think that the TV is just about audible and yet your family winces at the volume, these may be signs that you have to operate your TV at a loud volume just so that you can hear it.

You find conversations hard to follow

Do you frequently find yourself misunderstanding or misremembering what others say? Does your spouse frequently complain that you aren’t listening to them? Do you find yourself getting nervous at the prospect of a meal with friends or family in a busy restaurant? Do you feel exhausted after long conversations between several people?

These can all be signs that your hearing has begun to deteriorate. The longer you delay, the worse it is likely to get. See a hearing care specialist as soon as you are able to find an appropriate solution for your hearing loss.