Many people hear the term audiologist but don’t actually know who these professionals are or what they do. If you’ve recently been told you could benefit from seeing an audiologist, consider the vast array of conditions they can treat, ranging from hearing loss to balance disorders.

Hearing loss

First, an audiologist will be able to diagnose, evaluate and treat hearing loss. If you are experiencing hearing loss but you are not sure how bad it is, you should go to an audiologist and have them check out the issue. They will be able to run some tests and tell you the extent of your hearing loss and the treatment options that are available to you. As this is the case, you know that you will be receiving the best level of care and getting the treatment that you need before your hearing loss gets any worse. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should head over to an audiologist for some hearing tests: everyone sounds quieter, you need your TV louder, you are shouting rather than speaking.

Tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus is something that a lot of people live with, but few understand. It can be difficult to cope with but an audiologist will be able to help you with some treatment options. While it is not possible to cure tinnitus, there are some things that can be done to minimize the impact that it is having on your life. An audiologist will be able to recommend a treatment option that they think is best for you based on how bad your tinnitus is impacting your life.

Hearing loss prevention

If you get to an audiologist early enough, they will be able to instruct you on the best prevention methods. By giving you the advice and knowledge that you need to protect your hearing, they will be able to help you to maintain a high level of hearing for as long as possible. They will also be able to test your hearing to see what condition it is in and give you advice on how to best keep it this way. Or recommend the best treatment if necessary.

Dizziness and balance

You might not think that they would be able to help with this, but a lot of dizziness and balance issues can be linked to your ears and hearing. Your balance is made up of what you see, what movement is sensed by the balance part of your ear and what your joints feel. That is why an audiologist can help you. It is possible for them to evaluate and treat balance disorders based on the movement being sensed by your ear. Balance tests will be carried out upon examination to give your audiologist the best chance of accurately diagnosing and treating the issue at hand.

An audiologist can help you with a number of auditory-related conditions. Locate one near you and seek the treatment you deserve!