A hearing health professional has a large job description and it does not just entail testing individuals hearing and selling hearing aids. There is so much more they do and can do for their patients and their families.

  1. They test hearing: yes it is a well-known fact that hearing health professional’s test hearing. They perform many different hearing tests in order to determine the function of an individual’s hearing and with that information recommend an action plan for their patients. By continuing to see the same hearing health professional over the years you will ensure continuity of your hearing tests and they will be able to properly monitor your hearing levels over time.
  2. They sell hearing aids: yes, they do sell hearing aids and a wide variety of them, as well. There are many big name and local hearing aid manufacturers throughout the world and each type of hearing aid does something a little different than the other, but each will help an individual to hear better. Your hearing health professional knows the manufacturers and has built relationships with them over the years and together your hearing health professional and the manufacturer work to ensure you are getting the best hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle.
  3. They perform maintenance on your hearing aids: hearing health professionals are there to help maintain and fix your hearing aids. They are there to clean your hearing aids and to adjust the programs as you need. They are there to help you be comfortable with your hearings and to make sure your hearing aids are working at their peak performance level. If your vent or microphone is clogged with wax they will clean it out for you. If your tube for the behind-the-ear device (BTE) is cracked or broken they will change it out for you. If you need your battery changed, but can’t seem to open the battery door, they will also provide assistance. Anything you need they are there for you.
  4. They counsel you and your family: this may be shocking to some, but hearing health professionals are amazing counsellors. They are they to help you through this new and large life change. They understand how overwhelming it can be to get hearing aids and to hear the world again and they are there to help you through it. They are there to help the family understand this change as well and to help them be more empathic and understand through the transition period. So if you need to talk about things go in and see your hearing health professional; you might be surprised how helpful and understanding they will be.
  5. They are always learning: it is true we are always learning something new every day; but the hearing aid industry is always changing. With new technology always coming out and new research being done constantly on hearing loss a hearing health professional must always be at the top of their game. So with that a hearing health professional is constantly learning, taking courses, going to conferences and reading up on new technology and research through the hearing journals. The world is a constantly changing place and so is that of a hearing health professional so they are always learning more to help you.