Coming to the realization that you have hearing loss can be a slow process. Rarely does a loss in our hearing sneak up on us overnight. Usually, it is a gradual process that occurs over the space of several years or in some cases even longer. Over time, however, the warning signs start to add up. You find it harder and harder to follow conversations, especially when they take place in crowded public spaces like restaurants, bars and shopping malls. You find that you need to turn the TV and radio up higher and higher just so that you can hear them and eventually simply having a long chat with friends or relatives is simply exhausting.

When this happens, it can be extremely distressing. You can start to feel isolated and alienated and in many cases depression is a secondary symptom of hearing loss. You know that you cannot go on like this and that you must seek treatment before matters get even worse. But with so many hearing care professionals out there, how can you know the right one for you?

Here, we’ll look at some qualities that will help you to determine whether you have found the right hearing professional for you.

The many faces of hearing care

While you may be tempted to start searching your local directory for an audiologist, it’s important to remember that hearing care is a multidisciplinary field of multiple professionals. That’s why it’s important to find a hearing care provider that offers the services you need – whether it’s earwax removal or a hearing test.

Patience and understanding

Some patients feel embarrassed talking to a specialist about their hearing loss. It is, after all, a sensitive issue. As such, you need a specialist who will listen to your case with warmth, understanding and patience. They will be sympathetic towards the dilemmas your hearing issues cause every day and put you at ease quickly. They will reassure you both in their manner and in their dedication to finding the right solution for you. This brings us to.

Treating rather than selling

Some hearing care professionals may be under pressure from hearing aid manufacturers to sell specific products to customers who may not necessarily benefit from them. You should look for an audiologist who is dedicated to treating your hearing loss by any means necessary rather than simply selling you something.


Aftercare is what separates the best from the rest. While many will be able to provide a solution to treat your hearing issues, a great hearing care specialist understands that treatment is an ongoing process. Thus, they’ll deliver exceptional aftercare, checking in with you and arranging follow-up appointments to see how your treatment is working for you and addressing any issues you may be having while you adjust.

Why settle for anything less?