You have gone through the hard part now onto the follow-up process. After your initial appointment with your new hearing health professional you will have been advised as to your next course of action to take whether to purchase hearing aids to go follow-up in six to 12 months.

If you decided to purchase hearing aids your hearing health professional will have gone over with you the process of purchasing the hearing aids that suit your life and lifestyle. Together you will pick out a style of hearing aid and a manufacturer you wish to purchase them through. If needed, a mold of your ear will be taken and sent off to the manufacturer, along with the hearing aid request form. You will then book an appointment to go in at a later date, usually in about two weeks, to be fit with your new hearing aid. They will fit the hearing aid and program it to your hearing loss. They will then go over the care and general instructions of keeping, using and wearing your hearing aids with you. You will then book a follow-up appointment over the next few weeks.

In the one-week follow-up appointment you will go over how things have been over the last week. Any problems or concerns you may have. Any adjustments that need to be done will be done at this time. Any follow up appointment will generally consist of finding out if there are any problems or concerns with you and your hearing aids or your hearing health and adjusting as needed according to these findings. At this time depending on the findings of the first week your hearing health professional may ask you to come in again in another week or may say to follow-up in six to 12 months.

Do not be afraid to call or go in to see your hearing health professional they are there to help you. They are there to take care of you and your hearing aids and your hearing health. They are there to answer your questions and to make any adjustments necessary to your hearing aids.

You should, in general, see your hearing health professional every year to a hearing test and for maintenance and warranty checks to your hearing aids. However, this does not mean you cannot see your hearing health professional every month or every week if you need to. As previously said they are there to help you with your hearing aids and hearing health.