When you go outside and it's raining, you put up an umbrella to protect yourself in the same way that you would wear sunglasses to protect your eyes in the summer. Protecting your body from the elements is essential for you and if you want to protect yourself, you should think about ear protection in everything that you do.

We don't usually pay too much attention to when we should be using ear protection, but we really should if we want our hearing to stay intact. Loud noise can have a real impact on how well we can hear and it's essential that we know what noise levels are a problem for our hearing ability. Some people should wear ear protection every single day and it's an audiologist that can talk you through how to protect your hearing.

Below, you’ll find several examples of who should be wearing ear protection and when.

Those caring for their home & garden

Lawn mowing, building furniture and high-tech cleaning tools are all critical pieces of the housework puzzle and if you are out in the garden every single week mowing the lawn and using power tools, then you should be wearing the right ear protection.

Did you know some power tools can be as loud as 90-100db? Think about your hearing in the long-term and then make sure that you have your hearing protection on lock.

Those who enjoy noisy hobbies

Concerts, motorsports and even heading to the cinema can put you in a position where you are enjoying loud hobbies that – while fun at the time – can damage your hearing in a way that's irreversible. There is nothing wrong with enjoying these hobbies but do so in a way that means that your hearing is protected.

Ear protection is important and while you don't want to plug your ears for an action movie, you could always lessen the noise with earmuffs instead. The sound isn't entirely excluded, but you get a better chance to listen without all the damage that could come with it.


There are some sports out there that are much louder than others and require you to wear protection for your ears. Racing, motorcycling and clay pigeon shooting are just some of those sports that need a little more ear protection than others. Paying attention to the decibel that you are exposing yourself to is essential, so do some research!

Construction workers

Well, workers of any kind that are exposed to loud power tools and machinery really should pay attention to the hearing protection that they are using. Even those who are in music for a living need to think about ear protection and their audiologist can advise on the right ear protection for the job you are in.

Knowing when to wear ear protection can go a long way to saving your hearing, so pay attention to what you need and don't forget to invest appropriately in the right ear protection.