If you are losing your hearing or are profoundly deaf, then you may be in the process of getting hearing aids fitted. When it comes to improving your quality of life with hearing problems, hearing aids can be a godsend. Of course, in order for hearing aids to be effective, they have to be properly fitted and tuned by an audiologist, which is where hearing aid fittings come in.

Don’t be tempted to skip your hearing aid fitting, because these appointments are vital for ensuring that you can boost your hearing quality effectively and safely. If your hearing aids aren’t set up right, they amplify sounds too much and cause pain and discomfort when you wear them; they could even cause further damage to your ears.

There’s no doubt about it, hearing aid fittings are a vital part of getting hearing aids. Still not convinced that this is one appointment that you shouldn’t skip out on? Below is a guide to why hearing aid fittings are so crucial.

Your audiologist can check your sound levels

One of the most critical parts of any hearing aid fitting appointment is the part where your audiologist checks your sound levels while wearing your hearing aids. You can’t just put a hearing aid into your ear and expect it to work perfectly; it needs to be tuned and set up to suit your exact needs. Your audiologist will check how loud you require sound to be amplified and will set up your hearing aid to ensure that you can hear clearly with your hearing aids in place.

Your hearing aids will be properly fitted

If your hearing aids are going to be comfortable to wear, they need to be correctly fitted to your ears and specific hearing needs. At your hearing aid fitting, your audiologist will be able to ensure that your hearing aids are carefully fitted to your ears and hearing needs, and will work perfectly as a result.

You can learn about cleaning and caring for them

Part of your hearing aid fitting is learning all about your hearing aids, how they work, and how you should care for them. As a hearing aid wearer, you will need to understand how to take proper care of your hearing aids, and how to keep them clean and functioning properly. At your fitting, your audiologist can go through all of this with you, showing you exactly how your hearing aids work, and what you need to do to care for them.

You can ask questions

Another reason why your hearing aid fitting is important is because it is a prime opportunity to ask any questions. If there’s anything that you aren’t sure about or what to know, this is the ideal opportunity to ask questions. Remember, when it comes to dealing with hearing aids and adjusting to them, there’s no such thing as a silly question, so ask whatever comes to mind.

Hearing aid fittings are an essential part of getting new hearing aids, and something that you cannot miss. If you want your hearing aids to work as effectively as possible, you need to attend your fitting appointment.