We tend to take great advantage of our hearing. That is, until we notice a difference in how well we understand what others are saying to us. If you find yourself asking people to repeat what they say frequently, it could be a good idea to think about the last time you had your hearing checked. If you mishear what others say and come off confused or have disagreements because you or someone you know isn’t hearing correctly, a lack of good hearing might be the culprit.

We rely on our hearing way more than we think. Hearing is one of our core senses, and it’s safer when you can hear what is going on in your surroundings. Our ears are a tool and need to be treated well to work well. Kids often get hearing tests to make sure their hearing is within a normal range. But as we become adults, we tend to ignore the health of our hearing until we notice something doesn’t seem right.

When Poor Hearing is More Than Just a Nuisance

Yes, not being able to hear as well as you could can be annoying. But sometimes, not having your ears work correctly goes beyond being a pain. Poor health of your ears can eventually lead to hearing loss. However, just because your ears are not working as they should does not mean something is horribly wrong. There can be a few other factors that can cause poor hearing, including severe wax build-up, ear infections, or some kind of blockage in the ear.

Can You Treat Hearing Loss Yourself?

The above-mentioned causes of hearing loss can be treated with an antibiotic or the help of a nurse and a wax removal kit. You don’t want to try and remove wax on your own. Instead, you would want to get help since you need to gently scrape down in the ear canal a bit. A nurse knows how far to go and stop before it gets dangerous.

Nurses simply spray a solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide into the ear to loosen up the wax. It’s how far in you need to spray and scrape that makes you need a nurse’s help. In addition, nurses and doctors know how to tell when the earwax is cleared.

If a blockage is bad, minor surgery is a small possibility. However, blockage can be treated with a wax spray removal treatment in some cases. In addition, a blockage can be treated by a prescription as well.

How Often Should You Get a Check-Up?

Imagine how much you miss out on if you cannot hear your loved ones talking or did not know what was going on around you. You miss out on simple, yet important parts of everyday life. It could make a world of difference to make sure your ears are in decent shape. Moreover, the health of your ears does not have to be checked as often as the health of your eyes, unless you’ve have a history of needing hearing aids.